DE! Works to Kill Bed Bugs in Houses, Apartments, Hotels, Motels & More!

“We have oil field workers as regular guests in our hotel and started noticing a bed bug problem. After ordering Defensive End! and trying it out a few months ago, we would like to order more. We think it’s working.”

-Manager at Horizon Inn and Steakhouse who ordered 24 units on his 2nd order as a return customer

DE! bed bug killer Customer Reviews and Testimonials

We at DE! take great pride in helping everyone with their bed bug problem, from the individual or family struggling to get a solid night’s rest to the small business owner who’s seeking a solution to a very common hospitality problem.

DE! Reviews and Testimonials

“DE! is a long-term killer — meaning, it never loses effectiveness the way that poisons do.”

-Kate, NY, NY

“I received Defensive End today.  Thank you so very much that we finally have more options that’s not making us in debt! Again. Thank you!

*Ann G.

“I want to thank you again for talking to me yesterday…. We still have a lot of the product left but I may order more anyway.”

*Michelle D.

“I have to say I am very impressed by the speedy response. You definitely don’t rest on your laurels. Thank you for resolving the problem so quickly.”

*Madelina R.

What Our Other Customers Are Saying

“Exterminators were going to charge me almost $2,000 to treat my house for those icky nasty bed bugs, with no guarantees. While I definitely enjoyed saving several thousand dollars, what I appreciated most is the speed and ease at which the bed bug infestation seemed to completely disappear in a few weeks!”

-Harold, Los Angeles, CA

“I bought this DE! stuff to use for bed bugs. I put 1 bed bug in a small container with this DE! powder and it did KILL the bed bug within 30 minutes!! I watched it every 5 minutes, waving it’s little leg to me, until it moved NO more! Like most of us, the day I woke up with bites, I desperately search online to learn about these little critters and searched for what worked and what didn’t.

Along with the recommended vacuming, covering my mattress/boxspring, using a hot laundry dryer for all clothes, etc. (I was fully committed to making sure everything was done to get rid of them for good) within 1 week of spreading the powder ALL OVER MY ENTIRE APARTMENT (though they were only seen in my bedroom), so far NO bites and NO live bed bugs!!

NOTE: I do recommend keeping this product away from your face (eyes/nose) and away from any pets.

*UPDATE 2014: 6 months later, still NO bedbugs. I even recommended this product for a friend, they too found it extremely helpful NO MORE annoying BedBugs!! YES, IT WORKS!!!”

​-Lis Cleveland, OH

“I purchased this product as a inside the home pest control. I did not want to hire a professional. I sprinkled this stuff where the carpet meets the walls and around vents, doors, and outlets. A couple of days later I found insects of all types dead in random places. I simply vacuumed them up. It does not kill them immediately but sure enough should an insect come in contact with it, it is an automatic death sentence.​”

​-Charlotte Dallas, TX

“I live in North Florida and last season our entire neighborhood was overrun with fleas. So, this year, I was not looking forward to another season of rolling up my pants legs before heading out to the car. I researched like crazy and had read about DE but have been very skeptical. Then, about two weeks ago, the temp hit 80 degrees and fleas took over my garage. I couldn’t do laundry but that a dozen of the littles SOBs would swarm my legs.

Last night I arrived home from work and needed to go into the garage, but had a sinking feeling, knowing what awaited me. Hartz has a spray that works really well, but it is a poison and I can’t soak everything in it. So, I got DE instead. After applying it I returned to the garage and readied myself: shorts, tank top, flip flops and with a flour sifter in hand, I marched in. They attacked me immediately. With one hand I was bent over dusting the floor and with the other I was scraping off the little buggers. I know it says that it can take up to 48 hours to work but I was so curious that I attempted to martyr myself for the cause this morning and dared to head out into the garage and act as guinea pig.

And there I stood.

And stood.

And not a SINGLE FLEA hopped on.

I switched locations. Still, none.

I switched locations again. Still, none.

I don’t know if it’s just good luck the first time out and whether it will work as well in other areas but I am genuinely excited to try it further. In fact, I’m going to drag out my lawn spreader (the drop type) and do my entire yard. And, I’m going to sprinkle it in doorways and window sills.”

-Jen Jacksonville, FL

“I live in the rural parts of Arizona and our house was over-run by scorpions, of all things! We used Definitive End/Defensive End to completely wipe out all the scorpions, and safely at that. Now I feel like the Scorpion King!”

-Ashley Phoenix, AZ

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