They say everyone has a story, and we’re no different.

We made Defensive End! the End to ALL Bed Bugs after many months of researching and testing all the most popular bed bug products on the market. What we found could fill volumes of books and the headlines of newspapers.

First, popular bed bug sprays don’t work. They only kill on contact and don’t get the eggs. Second, professional exterminator treatments for bed bugs are very expensive, are often full of toxic chemicals, and also, ineffective!

Exterminator costs can easily get into the thousands of dollars, but there are solutions out there that you can buy at Home Depot or Lowe’s, order off Amazon, or find a smaller brand for direct-order from their website.

Some of the products that DO work, however, come with a catch- hidden, recurring billing (get ready for surprise charges on your credit card) for tiny amounts of product made by unscrupulous companies, and individuals who say it’s “Made in the USA” but then hide their money off-shore to avoid paying taxes like so many other corporations that are like the very bed bug parasites themselves.

And let’s not even get into the government over-regulation of natural pesticides that prevents many effective, safe, and inexpensive solutions to market due to a long line of red tape and confusing legalese that will run a business into the six figures just for a legal consultation with an environmental law firm!

About DE!

When you purchase DE! you get both an effective long-term, residual killer (Defensive End!) and an effective contact killer known as Definitive End: the End to ALL Pests for immediate bed bug removal.

But it doesn’t stop there, because our all-natural pest control solution doesn’t just eradicate bed bugs.


You can also use DE! on other insect pests and bugs like fleas, spiders, ants, millipedes, ticks, cockroaches, centipedes, head lice (yes it’s safe enough for head lice), dust and bird mites, and even scorpions!!!

DE! provides a total approach to safe and effective bed bug pest control and removal

The History of DE!

Since launching our product in 2014, we have expanded and grown. We have already found a way to reduce our product price by 12% for the consumer and remain committed to growing our brand in a way that empowers people, the local community and the national economy.

“If you unnecessarily overcharge people and keep charging them, if you’re not paying your taxes, and if you’re not enriching your community- then you’re doing it wrong.” 

The DE! Motto 

DE! is a Pest Control Product that Protects Your Credit Score

Sound far-fetched?

It’s an unfortunate reality, but your credit score can make or break your quality of life. That’s why we oppose products and programs that rely on recurring billing which auto-bills your credit card, and any exterminator or pest control company that encourages you to sign up for an umbrella service with an automatic monthly payment.

Why should you have to send Orkin or Terminix money every month?

No one should have to deal with recurring exterminator charges for bed bugs with confusing pricing. It just doesn’t seem right to me.

DE! is one and done.

And it’s guaranteed to work, or your money back!

The only type of parasite DE! doesn’t work on is politicians and bureaucrats.

Definitive End to all pests

But when it comes to wiping out nasty bugs, which we are allowed to eliminate by law, we are proud to present you with a solution for all of your major insect pest problems for the rest of your life!

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