DE! Long-Term Bed Bug Killer and Bedbug Spray

Our Product – DE!

We offer a safe, natural, and total bed bug killer that is both spot-killing and residual. Our product defeats pyrethrin and pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs as well as mites, fleas, ticks, ants, and cockroaches.

It’s like a bed bug fighting duo.

On the one hand, you have a natural bed bug spray for the bed bugs you can see, which kills on contact. And spraying vigorously in infested areas can even have a repellent effect, due to the spray’s natural ingredients.

Then, you get the long-term, residual, and long-lasting bed bug killing powder that you apply after a good spraying to all the problem areas like your bed frame, mattress, box spring, in the cracks of furniture, and around the bed posts on the ground. It stays good forever if kept dry.

Benefits of DE! to Get Rid of Bed Bugs All By Yourself

All-natural DE! bed bug spray and repellent product

In addition to being safe and effective, our product also has a number of other benefits:

  • It is affordable. Our two-product solution costs people an average of $50 or less, which is much cheaper than hiring an exterminator or having your home heat-treated.
  • It is easy to use. Our products are ready to use right out of the bottle, so you don’t have to mix anything or worry about harmful fumes. We also include a how-to video so you know where to apply the residual killer.
  • It is effective against all stages of bed bugs, including eggs.
  • It leaves no harmful residue behind. While both components are safe, it is recommended that you don’t breathe in the residual killer powder.

How to Use DE!

First, identify your bed bug problem.

Even if you have dust or bird mites and you’re waking up with an allergic skin reaction, the good news is that DE! works on mites too!

Do the Bed Bug Texas Two-Step

Our bed bug products are very easy to use to get rid of bed bugs on your own!

  1. Simply spray DE! Bed Bug Killer Spray directly on bed bugs and around your home in areas where bed bugs are likely to be found, such as your bedroom, living room, and kitchen.
  2. Then, use DE! residual powder strategically in your bed, sofa or other affected areas, laying the future trap for bed bugs that may attempt to return.

Exterminators and Chemical Insecticides vs. Our Natural Bed Bug Killer

Hiring an exterminator or using chemical pesticides can be expensive, ineffective, and even unsafe at times. Exterminators can charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and generic pesticides often only kill bed bugs for a short period of time.

Our product is a much more affordable and effective solution. It costs under $100 for a large family home and half that for an apartment or small home, and it will kill bed bugs for good!

How Our Price/Cost Compares to Exterminators

Our two-product solution costs anywhere from $25 to $100, total, depending on the size of your home. Compare that to folks who have paid thousands on a bed bug problem that just won’t seem to go away.

Our price is significantly lower than the cost of hiring an exterminator or having your home heat treated. For example, the average cost of hiring an exterminator is $500-$1,000, and the average cost of heat treatment is $1,500-$3,000.

Our product is a much more affordable and effective solution to your bed bug problem.

Try DE! Risk-Free

We offer a safe, effective, and affordable way to get rid of bed bugs. Our products are easy to use and will kill bed bugs for good. And because we know it works so well, we guarantee that if you follow the instructions in good faith, you’ll get rid of those nasty bed bugs- or your money back.

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