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After you have used DE!, there is nothing more to do but enjoy a good night’s rest with the peace of mind that your family is fully protected from bed bugs, today and for years to come.

Does DE! Really Work?

It has long been thought that the active killing agent in amorphous silica was due to the tiny sharp edges of the diatoms’ fossils themselves. However, it has also been speculated that its small particulate size acts as a dusting agent to asphyxiate the bed bugs as well, which is why DE! is also an effective bedbug repellent!

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DE! has so many effective uses and applications that it will serve a majority of your pest control needs moving forward, so long as you keep it dry. However, our hope and goal is that you’d only need to buy it once.

Because we believe that by you saving money, we all win!

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* SafeThere are other bed bug solutions out there that may have to resort to harsh chemical bed bug insecticides in order to deal with bed bugs effectively. This is what makes Defensive End! a better choice as all of the ingredients found in Defensive End! are natural. On top of that, it’s very, very effective. 

* Works Instantly
other bed bug solutions may need some installation or mixing, which can be a cause for inconvenience. Defensive End! is a truly revolutionary bed bug solution as you simply need to take it out from the box, apply it in a strategic location and it works instantly in killing bed bugs and protecting your family from dangers of a full blown infestation.

* Clinically Researched Methodology –
Defensive End! is not just a bed bug solution full of claims with nothing to show for. Beyond the countless positive testimonials from actual users, Defensive End! is backed by numerous entomology reports and clinical research and tests. Most of which, reports that Defensive End! works like a miracle charm to get rid of all those nasty biting bedbugs.

Save Money on a Professional Exterminator. Sleep With Renewed Peace of Mind.

Save money without a professional bed bug exterminator

Thanks for visiting our site, DE!: Best Natural and Safe Low Cost Bed Bug Killer Treatment for Home.

Though we’ve been at this for 10 years now and have many thousands of satisfied customers, we understand that some extreme cases may require expensive heat or steam treatments. In that event, it might be best to go with an exterminator, though you could still rent a steam cleaner at Walmart or buy a smaller, floor steam cleaner with a breakout hand-attachment nozzle for around $100 – 150 on Amazon.

Regardless of what decision you make, we hope that you will get the most affordable, total bed bug solution that helps you finally eliminate a bedbugs infestation for good. Because that’s our driving motivation here at DE!

And it always will be.